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Jun 28 2004

Check the election predictions, do some last minute reading on the candidates, and then get your butt out there and VOTE!

(Okay, look, I usually try and pretend that I’m just happy to see folks get involved in the political process, but for the love of god people DON’T vote Stephen Harper into the Prime Minister’s office! Vote NDP, vote Liberal, vote Green, vote Communist or Christian Heritage or even for yogic flyers — I don’t care. All I know is if I have to wake up tomorrow in Stephen Harper’s Canada, I am going to be very, very cross.)

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Jun 14 2004

Various Things I Have Been Pondering:

1. Although it looks like it will never be released in North America, if you should happen to “stumble” across a copy of the new movie “Shaun of the Dead” online I recommend you download it immediately. Good fun, good gore, and a fascination with pubs. I give it two enthusiastic braaaaaaaaains up.

2. Has everyone else had those rotten rhyming shoe insert ads played to death on television? When that one guy says, “I’m like MA-gellan I’m so gellin’” I want to create a time machine just so I can go back and kill the bloodline of the scriptwriter. What is that line even supposed to mean? Were they that desperate for a rhyme? Was Magellan famous for keeping his cool and wearing comfy shoes? God, I hate this ad.

3. Dear Creators of Zuma:
Maybe it’s some kind of brain disorder caused by playing too much tetris as a youth, but Mr. Pith and I wasted hours of our life this weekend playing your game. I see it when I close my eyes. I hear the mocking song of ‘game over’ in my dreams. Good job, people. Now could you just explain to my boss that I simply must finish the last level before I can do any work? Thanks.

4. Finally, I have once again proved that I am three years behind everyone else on the internet by starting just this weekend to sell stuff on eBay. (I thought to myself, “Self, what you need to do is start having to answer customer service e-mails in your spare time. And stop playing so much freaking Zuma!”). Next week maybe I’ll discover Slashdot or something. I kiss you!

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Jun 10 2004

What happens when you take selections from Harry Potter books and replace the word ‘wand’ with ‘wang’? You give me the giggles, as it turns out, because apparently I am twelve years old.

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