Feb 26 2009

it’s art

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Lately I’ve been in to uncovering digital/online art communities and browsing through all their stuff. Art is a total mystery to me. I sometimes sit down and try and draw things, or color things, and they inevitably disappoint. Which is amusing, because my dearest friend from high school and spiritual little brother is an artist for a living, and when we get together he will occasionally respond to something I’ve said with, “Yes! That is art!” and I am all “What? Where? Did I blink and miss it? I don’t understand!”

Anyway, this is a longwinded way of pointing out that these old school book covers for modern movies completely kick ass.

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  1. anthony
    on 01 Mar 2009 at 4:50 am

    mighti point out that its normall you who give me the best ideas for all my art… whether you realize or not, you’re a dam fine artist – its just that your chosen modem of expression is with the written word & your gallery is “t’internet” (as they say in Cornwall…) here, for once and forever, is the definition of art (for all those that care)
    ‘Art is the thing that challenges our perceptual habits”

    (on a related topic, Craft is the thing that reinforces our perceptual habits… this is NOT to create a hierarchy or say one is better than the other, no, only that they do different things…further proving, art and craft is all about context. thus spaketh the little brother. thank you. carry on.)