Feb 15 2010

buzz links and olympic photos

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Google has worked really hard over the last week to fix their original privacy implementation, and in my opinion it’s much improved now. There are still issues, but it’s less scary than it was, particularly for new users.

My new Buzz issue is how to find new people to follow, and of course how new people will find and follow me. I mean, I have my dozen or so friends and family reading my buzzez, but how do I move beyond that? Are there people buzzing about the Vancouver Olympics right now? Can I find them?

I understand that Twitter has critical user mass, but it was pretty invaluable for this Olympics junkie all weekend. Event updates, opinion pieces — I was even easily able to find a few fellow Vancouverites and follow them for news from around the city. Perhaps I can do that in Google Buzz too, but it wasn’t immediately evident to me how so I just stuck with the tried and true option.

It’s unfortunate, because I adore the content-sharing features of Buzz. Being able to post simple links with a few lines of commentary and a photo (possibly right out of Reader) has revitalized my internet reading habits. So anyway, until I figure out the sharing and self-promotion aspects of Buzz, I’m going to do a weekly digest of my links here:

Sneak Peek of the Opening Ceremony Fireworks
I missed these (I’m on the wrong side of the city), but they look spectacular.
 buzz links and olympic photos olympicsfireworks1 100209 MD buzz links and olympic photos

Google Buzz Surpasses 9 Million Comments
And they all said, “What the hell is this crap in my Gmail?”

Vancouver 2010 Vectorial Elevation
Vectorial Elevation is apparently another way of saying “pretty lights”. Anyway, these photos are beautiful.
 buzz links and olympic photos

How to Store and Organize Cats
Such a tidy cat storage unit.
 buzz links and olympic photos

Hello Kitty Pinhead Tattoo
Oh yeah, this was a good idea.
 buzz links and olympic photos


Vancouver is a wild party right now, with lots to see and do. I have already written a ton on the Twitter about the Olympics, and the first round of photos from this weekend are up. A few will appear below, but there’s more to come over the next 13 days!

 buzz links and olympic photos
 buzz links and olympic photos
 buzz links and olympic photos
Granville and Robson is PACKED.
Granville and Robson is PACKED.

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